Sales letters: six ideas for winning one-pagers

Grabbing attention with a sales letter is vital in cost-effective direct mailings.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking about yours.

  1. Repeat the offer(s) several times, without waffling.
  2. Talk directly to the reader. Use ‘you’ at least three times as many times as you use ‘we’.
  3. Use sub-headings. Make sure they’re interesting!
  4. Instil a sense of urgency. If it’s a limited offer, state the limitations. “Call us by the 15th or you won’t get this benefit” or “Be one of the first 50 to respond and you will receive…”
  5. Embed commands. See the examples above. ”Call us…” and “Be one of the first 50…”
  6. Use a PS (post script – one or two short sentences after the sign-off at the bottom). Many people will read the PS even if they don’t read the letter – and if they do read the letter, your PS will be the last thing they get to. Make sure it’s punchy, with a clear call to action.