We believe that marketing is so all-encompassing, so wide-reaching, that it embodies, envelops and evangelises the successful business. We also believe that no one person or company has all the marketing skills needed to create an outstanding organisation. You have to pick and choose your team, and build a body which is greater than the sum of its parts.

The marketing mix, as it’s referred to, describes the different ingredients of a successful business. It is usually used in the context of promotions – one of the traditional four Ps of marketing (the others are product, price and place).

This is where Marketing Flex can help you. We can help you to see where you are, where you can go – and how to get there through marketing and sales communications. With your blessing, we like to start with a sales and marketing review, to help us understand your business from your customers’ perspective.

Marketing communications (“marcomms”)

How well do you engage with your prospects and customers? It’s a noisy world and we’re all bombarded, constantly, by others trying to give us messages through ever-growing types of media.

We can help you to create great communications, expertly crafted with compelling messages which get you noticed, get you enquiries and get you sales.

Marketing Flex will research and write (or edit, if you prefer) the complete gambit of marketing communications, including :

• Convincing case studies
Compelling websites
• Influential articles and annual reports
• Winning award entries
• Powerful sales letters and emails
• Persuasive brochures and flyers
• Eye-catching exhibition materials
• Credible advertising

If you need help with your media relations we can create press releases and engage with the media using articles and case studies to bring your messages to life.

Not only that, through years of experience Marketing Flex can also help you connect with a myriad of marketing resources to complete the mix – a fabulous line-up of skilled and trusted pools of heady talent. It’s a great big onion, with lots of layers! Web designers and developers, graphic artists, researchers, telemarketers, photographers…we can recommend them to you, or work with them to achieve the results you need.

We also support other marketing and copywriting agencies on a freelance basis.

The current economic climate is making it tricky for many businesses to reach their potential. Could your business use a little marketing help?

Pick up the phone, click to email … let’s get going.