Good copywriting: seven top tips

Obviously we would advocate using a professional copywriter, but we’re happy to share some tips to help you review your text.

  1. Get to the point. You only have seconds to capture your reader’s attention so don’t waffle, particularly at the beginning.
  2. Review your copy. Write it, then leave it and come back to it later. If at all possible, leave it overnight or for a few days before reviewing it.
  3. Get the grammar right. Although it seems these days the standard of grammar is slipping, it’s still very important to a lot of people. If you can avoid people ‘tripping up’ in your prose, do so.
  4. Use an active voice wherever possible. Say “I can achieve this for you in a week” rather than “This can be achieved in a week”.
  5. Read your copy out loud. If it doesn’t sound right when you say it, it won’t read right either.
  6. Listen to WII-FM: not a radio station but the question What’s in it for me? Your reader will be more engaged if you tell them how they benefit.
  7. Make sure your headline tells the story.